The Roxy magazine staff for 2022-2023 and their beloved pets. All editors attend Slippery Rock University as students. Each individual has a picture of their pet for a variety of reasons, but the biggest would be that the magazine has been known to feature directors and their pets on the back of the issues.

I’m Jack Dolinger. I’m a senior creative writing major and film and media studies minor at Slippery Rock University. I hope to one day go into the film industry as a filmmaker. A film that I would recommend to someone is A Fish Called Wanda. I consider it to be one of the funniest films ever made.

Hello everyone! My name is Jenna Lynn Lubinski, and I am a sophomore at Slippery Rock University. My major is English, with a concentration in literature and language. I have a minor in Homeland Security, Communications, and Film Studies. This summer I am going to be studying abroad in London through the Global Engagements Office, and my British Literature II class. One day I hope to be a lawyer and live in New York City. The movie that I would recommend to anyone is Shrek 2, which is my comfort movie, and in my opinion a cinematic masterpiece. A fun fact about me is I love thrifting, and spend most of weekends at Goodwill.  

Hello. I am Harold Domville and I am a Junior History Major with minors in both Political Science, and my personal favorite, Film and Media Studies. Instead of choosing to recommend a more “traditional” or “classic” film such as It’s a Wonderful Life, I recommend that everyone should take the time to watch the cinematic masterpiece that is DreamWork’s Megamind (2010). I do not recommend any Sharknado film in good faith.  

Hi! I am Evelyn Hodson. I am in my final semester of the English, Literary, Film, and Cultural Studies major at SRU. I am also a Film and Media Studies Minor. I hope to successfully write film scripts or get into the book publishing industry. One movie I recommend everyone see is The Grand Budapest Hotel, a film by Wes Anderson, one of my favorite directors.


I am Dr. Covey, a Chicago native, and I have taught film studies, literary theory, American literature and composition for Northern Illinois University, Purdue University, California Polytechnic University–San Luis Obispo and Slippery Rock University. I currently run the film and media studies program. The pictured cat is Fia, a torbie Siberian Forest cat, who is braver, smarter, more devious, fearless, and cuter than she needs to be. I recommend everyone see DUCK SOUP (Leo McCarey, 1933), a Marx Brothers farce that was banned by Benito Mussolini!