The Roxy magazine staff for 2019-2020 and their beloved pets. All editors attend Slippery Rock University as students. Each individual has a picture of their pet for a variety of reasons, but the biggest would be that the magazine has been known to feature directors and their pets on the back of the issues.

Editor In-Chief

Samantha Figard is a fifth year senior studying Philanthropy & Nonprofit Management as a major and Gender & Diversity Studies as a minor. 2019-2020 will be her second year as The Roxy’s Editor-in-Chief. She is also involved on campus as the Public Relations and Marketing Chair for the Student Nonprofit Alliance and a member of the editorial board for the Gender and Diversity Studies’ publication, Portmanteau. Sam’s favorite movie genre is comedy and her favorite film is Thor: Ragnarok. Her photo features her cat, Diddle.


Assistant Editors

Sarah Duffy is an English major with a concentration in Professional Writing. Her favorite film genre is horror and her favorite hobby is binge-watching shows on Netflix.
Pictured is her tortie cat Bonnie.

Shirah Kinder is majoring in Creative Writing with minors in Film & Media Studies and Literature. She loves action and science fiction movies because she find them the most captivating and admires the stories they’re framed around. However, she doesn’t limit herself to just those categories; anything that catches her eye she is excited to watch. Outside of her film obsession, you’ll find her writing about
science fiction/fantasy, reading, or spending
time at the gym. She also loves coffee, cats,
and being a plant mom. Ayla is the kitty pictured;
she’s a handful but knows how to look cute and innocent.

Peter Korman is a senior English major and a Film Studies minor. He loves to read and write, and is a film enthusiast. Some of his favorite films include: Spirited Away, 12 Angry Men, and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Pictured is his cat Cedric. Peter says that “he’s an awesome little dude”.

Christian Skinner is a senior Professional Writing major with an AAS in Graphic Design. He spends most of his time making art, writing creatively, and listening to music. He loves film genres such as horror, war, and crime. He thinks of film as the visual parallel to the written word, and as something that any creative person can draw a lot of inspiration from. Attached is a picture of his cat Hobbes, who likes to sit in things.

Kimberly Cardello is a Junior pursing a B.A in English Language and Literature, as well as a B.S. in Creative Writing with a minor in Film studies and Spanish. In the Spring of 2019, she transferred to Slippery Rock from Butler County Community College. This is her first time working with The Roxy and she is also involved in the other publications on campus. She hopes to work in a publishing office after graduation. Her favorite film would be Amistad, this is due to the concept behind the film. It is based off of an actual story and she thinks it depicts the time period well. The only issue she has with it is the fact that it is a stereotypical white savior story. In her spare time I enjoy watching movies and reading a large variety of fiction novels. Pictured is her Bichon Frise Lucy, she is 15 years old.


Dr. Covey, a Chicago native, has taught film studies, literary theory, American literature and composition for Northern Illinois University, Purdue University, California Polytechnic University–San Luis Obispo and Slippery Rock University.  He currently runs the film and media studies program.  The pictured cat is Fia, a torbie Siberian Forest cat, who is braver, smarter, more devious, fearless, and cuter than she needs to be.

Final Editing and Layout

Photo Editor

Emily Schroyer


Katie Maskrey

Web page Maintenance

My name is Jennifer Weismantle I am an English-Professional Writing major with a minor in Cyber Security. I love a variety of films including anything Studio Ghibli, Documentaries,Historical movies, Classical Hollywood (such as Fred and Ginger movies), Sci-Fi, and I am open to other types as long as the story is well done. I am an avid reader and researcher spending most of my time doing just that. Topics that really intrigue me include holistic health, literary and cultural theory, cyber warfare, history, food, travel, and personal stories about people’s
life experiences. Whenever I am not doing
that I might be snuggling my cat CiCi or my future husband Lukasz. CiCi is a little rascal and protector of ducks and chickens, she likes naps, loudly meowing, licking noses, playing in messes big and small, and spying on everyone from her royal kitty tower.